The Digital Mockup

The amazing Sarah did some digital mock-ups of what the finished structure would look like, complete with the correct dimensions, and a person for scale. Sarah really played around with various shapes and arrangements, but the finished design is somewhat of a mix between The first and second pictures. We will have the lightest and longest columns in the middle, with subsequently darker shades as it moves out in a chandelier shape.

mockupmockup 5 mockup2 mockup3 mockup4


Cutting the Arch

The last post showed the calculations and sketches of the arches that Vincent had worked out. Last week the class was able to visit the wood shop and see the arch being cut out! We used birch plywood, which is relatively thin but stronger and more even than regular plywood. Vincent used Rhino to put in the specifications of the arch. He then sent those to the CNC router, which is a machine that will cut the wood based on our design.

Here’s Carissa talking to Vincent about where to put the drill holes.  

This is the wood shop! It’s always exciting going to a new art concentration’s studio!

The router drilling holes. The overhead part moves back and forth, cutting through a few small layers at a time.   

The router working! If you look closely you can see some of the first drilled holes!

Lotus Update: The Structure

We are working with Vincent, the wood shop technician in order to design and cut the wood structure that will hold our fabric up. These are some photos that show the processes Vincent has used to plan and create the arch. The program used to design the arch is RHINO, which is software used for 3D design.