The IU textiles department’s summer 2015 class has been invited to create an art installation by the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation. The installation will take place in the main tent at the 22nd Lotus World Music and Arts Festival in September 2015. The John Waldron gallery has curated an art show comprised of various red textiles called, “Seeing Red.” The class will create an installation inspired by the exhibit that will include large textiles dyed various shades of red, and will be displayed in the entrance of the main tent. Seeing Red will follow students’ progress during the entire creative process, and will include other class activities. We will also serve as a good resource for those who want to try dyeing, as well as other textiles processes at home!

Seeing Red was created and managed by Valerie Detwiler. She is working on her minor in Studio Art with a focus on Textiles. She will be a 2015 graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Fashion Design. This is her take on the various processes of textile art, with an overall focus on the Lotus art installation.

If you’re interested in learning more, or volunteering at Lotus, please visit lotusfest.org for more information!


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