Alternative Techniques

There are a few simple variations you can use when dyeing. First of all, we generally use alum acetate simply because it works as somewhat of a universal mordant. However, there are many different mordants you can use, and some work better for different dyes and fabrics. It is always a good idea to do some research and figure out which mordant is the best for you! Just be careful, some of the mordants and dyes from the eighties and back can be pretty toxic! 
If you want to be more mindful of the dye used, you can save and reuse dye pots! You can keep dye pots used previously and add a little more dye, then heat them up the same as before. Just be aware that unless you add more dye the colors will not be as vibrant as the first dye. Also keep in mind some of these dyes can begin to mold pretty quickly, so use the dye pots as soon as possible! 


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