Designing for Lotus

This past week groups of three students were asked t bring in some designs and conceptualizations of the Lotus installation. Each group picked one design and move forward on creating and armature, a small scale model of what the design would look like. Students also worked with the samples of dye they had previously completed, so some of the colors will be different in the final product.

This is the first group (and the one I am in). The hanging pieces of fabric would be shades of red, representing the blood that connects everyone around the world. The flower is a lotus blossom, and would have three petals in the center and six more below that would reach various points in the tent.



The next group created a piece called “Heart Strings.” The various pieces of fabric interlocked and crossed to show how people’s connections and histories come together to form something beautiful.


The third group used an interesting perspective. They chose to include several layers of fabric, each one cut slightly differently so that altogether they create a lotus flower.

IMG_0506 IMG_0505

 The last group went with a caravan theme. They use several bright fabrics and cut shapes out of them.

IMG_0504 Our next step is combining some of these designs and creating a new blend. The next two weeks we will try to complete our project, and then install it in September!


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